10 Most Influential Malaysian Albums (1980 to 2005)

This was originally published in the now-defunct Weekend Mail on Sept 1, 2007 THE country’s 50th independence celebration has ended with a bang. Having noticed – with a shock – that one of… Continue reading

The Long And Short of Malaysian Music

This was originally published in The Malay Mail On July 23, 2007 Me, I like role playing. Assume I am a foreign student who is doing a Masters degree programme. Being the adventurous… Continue reading

12 Steps to Nakedness

I’m going naked. Read at your own risks 1. The people who were responsible in making me the documentist that I am includes: a) My Kajian Sejarah Tempatan teacher in primary school. My… Continue reading

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Part I

I did so many crazy things in the last 34 years of my life, but nothing beats the craziness of this project. A project that was initially dubbed as Project Ninja, which turned… Continue reading

Nevermind The Bollocks… Here’s Your A-Go-Go Fix

They call it A G0-Go in Singapore and we call is Pop Yeh Yeh. Whatever it is, Singaporean have did something that we could possibly take a pointer or two from when it… Continue reading

My Roots

I was going through my hard disk and came across this. A story that I wrote as a tribute to my mom and dad.It just melt my heart to see how excited they… Continue reading

In Person: Ramli Sarip

TALKING to Ramli Sarip is like going through audio excerpts of the history of Malaysian rock ‘n’ roll. Really, listening to him saying things like, “You know something, before Sweet Charity, we were… Continue reading


Words has it that on top of working on materials for Too Phat’s comeback album, Malique is also working on a new album. The first single of the set, which was said to… Continue reading

Masih Hip Hop

As you’ve probably heard, Malique and Joe is back together and Too Phat is a matter of fact working on the follow-up to 2005’s Rebirth Into Reality. Words from the Too Phat camp… Continue reading

Me & Grammys Pt III

“DEAN, wouldn’t be nice if we could attend the 50th Annual Grammy Awards next year?” this writer joked with Utusan Malaysia entertainment editor, Saharudin Musthafa, sometime last year. Having attended the 47th Annual… Continue reading