@OfficialDJFuzz #TheCypherMixtape

IF you follow DJ Fuzz on Twitter and Instagram, you probably noticed #TheCypherMixtape hashtag that he has been using in the last month of two. To those who are still in the dark, it’s the title of this mixtape that he’s currently working on featuring up and coming MCs spitting rhymes to his beats (it’s always heart-warming to see established star using his clouds to elevate new talents to greater heights. Nice one Fuzz).

Apart from Karmal, Jin Hackman, SSK, SalamMusik, Juzzthin and Roshan Jamrock the featured MCs are relatively unheard of especially if the local hip hop scene is off your radar. Unheard these MCs maybe, but from my initial listen to some of the tracks off the mixtape, the future of Malaysian hip hop is looking very bright.

While we wait for the mixtape to drop, potentially in January 2013, Fuzz was kind enough to share the final tracklisting to it.

Here goes (in no particular order)

‘Kembali” – Ntahsapesapentah

“Traffic Jam” – 5Forty2 & ALTRBG

“En Thevathai” – Illayan Hustlaz & Athitiyanz

“Coming Home” – Dafrosty, Zet legacy & Jin Hackman feat Mira TILU

“Whoa” – Karmal

“It’s A Good Day” – MIO & Tactmatic

“Pops” – Dose 2

“Jauh’ – SSK

“Blow It Up” – Al Caponey & Kayda

“Aku Pelat” – SalamMusik feat ZionDread

“Irama Impaksi” – Shazet

“Off The Hook” – Juzzthin feat Mark Adam

“The Cypher Anthem” – DJ Fuzz feat G (5Forty2), Wo Shi Jay, Stylomannavan, Juzzthin, Saph (SSK), Tactmatic, Freakuensi (Ntahsapesapentah), Karmal, Jin Hackman, AlCaponey, MIO, Zet Legacy, Kayda, Trix (Dose2), Saphuan, Roshan Jamrock, K-Town Clan and Gila Monstarz

“Dreamin’” – Saphuan & Ego ft Nabil Zamanhuri

“Green Note” – Stylustiks“Cray Crunk Gila” – Roshan Jamrock (K Town Clan) & Young Ruff (Gila Monstarz)

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