#SiriHero: “Un”Normal Human Genetic (1993-1995?)

The Un’Normal circa 1995 (from left): Azam, Ajai, Jass & Bob

Originating from Sri Pahang Flats in Bangsar, ‘Un’ Normal Human Genetic was one of the local bands that really connected to me musically back then.

They started out as a band that was largely influenced by 70s British punk bands, notably The Buzzcocks, as can be heard on their Remember Us… demo, before shifting towards the Oi! sound made popular by Sham 69 and The Angelic Upstarts later on.

After the release of the demo, the band changed their name to just The Un’Normal. Under the new name they recorded a song for Under One Roof – We’ll Prove It and Never Divide compilation that was released in February 1995. Not long after that, the band disappeared from the scene and was never heard of since.

I wish I had a copy of the demo or the compilation to be shared here. I don’t know who actually owns copies of it actually. If you do, do drop me a line, please. Until then, the band’s music will stay as  memories to those who connected to it then.


Below is the edited version of band’s biography, which was written on a flyer to promote the release of Remember Us…

“Un” Normal Human Genetic Remember Us… flyer 1994

“The band was formed in 1993 with a line-up made of Gee on vocal, Shamir on guitar, Jass on bass and Mail on drums. Their formative years were spent in Hellion Studios with the band covering tunes by The Exploited and The Sex Pistols.

Due to some personal problems, Shamir had to quit from being a full time member but stayed on as sessionist until a new guitarist, Hayat, came to fold.

At that point, the band have written ‘I Don’t Care About You’ their first tune as U.H.G. but as they celebrate their first step in becoming a proper band, Hayat and Mail decided that they wanted out.

Azam then joined as guitarist while Bob took over the vocal duties with Gee switching to drums.

This line-up captured the band at their songwriting peak with tunes after tunes being written. Just went they were about to put the songs to tape, Gee left. Azam then took over the drumming duties and new guy Ajai was brought in to fill up the guitar duties.

This line-up recorded their debut demo, Remember Us… using an 8-track machine in Hellion Studio.

The band very happy to be where they’re at now and they hoped that it will remain that way for as long as it could.”


Joe Kidd’s Blasting Concept column in The Sun dated Saturday, Feb 11, 1995

• FYI: Apart from The Un’Normal, other bands that were featured on Under One Roof – We’ll Prove It and Never Divide compilation includes Hostile Disgrace (melodic punk rock in the veins of Angelic Upstarts. The band went on to a more Bad Religion sounding later on in their career), Panic (hardcore punk a la The Exploited), The Betrayed (Oi!), Problem (Oi!), 24 Reasons (old school hardcore), Life On The Edge and State-A (both NYHC).

The cassette-only compilation was released in February 1995 and came with a 10-page A5-size booklet detailing the bands involved. It was sold at RM5.

It received a full-page write-up in Joe Kidd’s Blasting Concept column in The Sun dated Saturday, Feb 11, 1995.