Killeur Calculateur In The Studio!

Killeur Calculateur, is currently in the studio working on an album and one of the songs is going to be called ‘Lee Chong Wei’.

Seriously… you must be really…

a) stupid b) intoxicated c) jujur

…to actually believe the second part of the sentence.

“The band has all these weird and funny working titles for their songs ‘Lee Chong Wei’ included,” pointed out the album’s producer Ham Abdullah.

The album, according to guitarist Smek Almohdzar, “has already been given a title, but I’m not going to tell you now,” will feature nine songs and is co-produced, engineered and recorded by Ham, Joe Salleh and the band themselves.

On how the musical progression is like since their debut, Valley of the Dead, three years ago and/or Where We Are They Are Near / They Are Here We Are Near, their split with Orbitcinta Benjamin, Smek said, “It is still Killeur Calculateur but the songs are meatier, longer… whatever.”

Ham dropped a juicier sound bite: “Listening to the band’s pre-pro is like listening to the last two Fugazi albums (1998’s End Hits and 2001’s The Argument).

On an expected released date, Smek’s response was, “When we’re ready, we are Killeur Calculateur.”

Well, from the brief chat I would assume if listening to Killeur Calculateur before is like sleeping with a virgin, the new one will be like sleeping with a MILF. Hmm… I LIKE.

Meanwhile you can listen to ‘Eye In The Sky’ taken off their split with Orbitcinta Benjamin below