SCTS Releasing “Undisputed” This Month

IF The Great Battle was dubbed as their heaviest, moodiest and darkest effort to date, Sevencollar T-shirt’s new materials were said to be their poppiest to date.

How pop?

Wild Child’ meets Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American album,” quipped guitarist Ham during a chat recently.

The band recently debuted ‘Undisputed‘ the first single off their yet-to-be-titled fourth album during their set at Moments of Truth and Alang Sekitar Presents September 29th gig. While we wait for the single to drop in two weeks time, you can watch the video of the song below.

According to Ham, the band have written a couple of new tracks, but none except for ‘Undisputed‘, were good enough to be considered as their fourth album material.

The guitarist also revealed that the band is currently enjoying the presence of a “secret weapon”, someone whom according to Ham was first engaged during the recording of the band one and only Malay tune, also the brilliant interpolation of Tan Sri P Ramlee of ‘Jangan Tinggal Daku‘ back in 2010.

Other exciting soundbites that I managed to pick up from my conversation with Ham was; vocalist, Duan, is truly flexing his vocal abilities by using it as an instrument and not just sings on the band’s new materials (finally!).

With the band going into their 16 years together in 2013 and reputations that were built from their last three studio albums and live performances, expectations are extremely high for this one.