Check Em Out #2: Medinee

I received a call from an unknown number a few days back, and to my surprise, on the line was Toya, former Laila’s Lounge guitarist.

“Bro, aku punya band baru ada lagu nak share ngan ko,” he said.

New band?

The last I heard, Toya was playing, or was it sessioning, for Khottal and I thought maybe Khottal’s debut album is finally ready.

“Bukan Khottal bro, tapi Medinee. Aku, Bai & Anaz, bebudak Laila dulu buat band baru.”

Before you expect to listen something exactly like Laila’s Lounge, let me remind you (and myself) that there will never be another Laila’s Lounge. However, knowing what the three of them – Bai, Toya and Anaz – are capable of; you know you can expect something exciting.

Anyway, few days ago, Toya emailed me not one, but two of Medinee’s song, their debut single ‘matamasa’ and another track called ‘Delusi’. No, I’m not going to share these songs here, but you can listen to ‘matamasa’ (rough edit) below.

Medinee Are

Bai – Vocals/Guitars

Toya – Guitars/Vocals

Anaz – Bass guitar

Pa’an – Keyboards/Guitars/Vocals

Safwan – Drums