Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Check Em Out #3: Belaire

ALONGSIDE California Wives, this Austin trio’s music is currently high on my stereo rotation. Their music as described on the band’s label, Indierect, artist page “Floats from bossa nova and Giallo film scores… Continue reading

Check Em Out #2: Medinee

I received a call from an unknown number a few days back, and to my surprise, on the line was Toya, former Laila’s Lounge guitarist. “Bro, aku punya band baru ada lagu nak… Continue reading

Check Em Out #1: California Wives

I’VE been on a discovery trip of late and following my old school of thought – sharing is caring – I’ve decided to share one new music a day (well, depending on whether… Continue reading


Hujan Sang Enemy (Morning Rocket/Warner) AS Noh sang “Jeritan tempur/ Ini kebangkitan satu perjuangan/ Kami berlawan biar sampai mati/ Mempertahankan ini rumah kita” on the album lead single, Rumah Kita, prior to Sang… Continue reading

Bintang Rap Tanah Malaysia

SSK Bintang Rap Tanah Malaysia (Rogue Squadron) IT has been 20 years since 4U2C dropped (arguably) Malaysia’s first ever Rap Melayu album. Their arrival was celebrated and then dented when Network International Chicanos… Continue reading