Monthly Archive: September, 2011

Broadening Hip Hop’s Horizons

THERE was a time when our local independent rock scene was all about being different to what was already out there. It was reactionary, and most of the bands were coming out with… Continue reading

Elbow: Misery Loves Company

With the Gallagher brothers now pre-historic exhibits, Radiohead becoming too avant-garde for the masses and Blur turning into Gorillaz, Adly Syairi Ramly finds solace in Elbow. ———————————————-   DO not try to talk… Continue reading

The (R)Evolutions & (Re)Visions Of R.E.M.

* After 31 years, R.E.M. decided to call it a day last night. Read about it here Reminiscing, this was something that I wrote about the band 10 years ago (originally published… Continue reading